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Buying a new metal building is a large investment, and for most, it is a once in a lifetime purchase. That is why it is so important to shop around for the best value. But shopping around is a repetitive multi-step process that can become overwhelming very fast. Each step presents you with a barrage of questions, confusing options, misleading or even false information, and endless calls or emails from pushy salesman. In the end your left with quotes that are difficult if not impossible to compare and exhausted by the high pressure sales tactics.
Be a Smart Buyer and let Metal Building Connections make your buying experience as easy as 1 2 3!

Step 1-Submit and Confirm your Building Information.

 Capture your building ideas and vision.

Step 2-Review the Free Comparison Report.

Review the Comparison Report on quotes received.

Step 3- Make Purchase & Save Money.

Make a Smart by without the headaches.

About Us

Metal Building Connections

Metal Building Connections connects smart buyers to real suppliers.  The process of buying a steel building all starts with the visons and ideas of you the buyer.  We working closely with you to not only capture those visions and ideas but document them in a language suppliers understand.  The design features that you want and need are then sent to multiple building suppliers that compete for your business.  The supplier bids are then complied into an easy to read side by side "apples to apples" comparison report and forwarded to you for review.   This allows the you to shop multiple suppliers, organize and compare prices and reach a buying decision without all of the headaches of answering the same questions repeatedly from pushy salesmen.


#1 Submit and confirm your building information.

#2 Review the free Comparison Report.

#3 Reach a buying decision with less effort and no headache.

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