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Metal Building Connections is an online platform that connects perspective metal building buyers to suppliers.  The platform was developed to eliminate confusion and headaches experienced by both buyers and suppliers.  We qualify and organize the buyers project data into a quote request.  Once all of the required information is confirmed the request is sent to multiple suppliers for quotes.  Finally, we organize the quotes into a comparison report for the buyer to review.

We understand that buying a new metal building is a big investment and with all the building suppliers out there right now it is hard to know who to trust.  Metal Building Connections is the buyers connection to suppliers that have the capacity and experience to provide quality products at fair prices and reasonable time frames.  But the building is just one part of the project.  Buyers are also able to request quotes from other trades such as concrete, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and even engineering.

We also understand the managing incoming customer inquiries can be challenging for suppliers.  With the unpredictability of customer inquiries from month to month or even day to day is is hard, if not impossible, to efficiently staff a sales team.  If the team is too small they become overwhelmed by the demand resulting in opportunity loss, marketing campaign spoilage, and decreased profits.  If the team is too large operating costs increase and profits are lost.  Metal Building Connections is also the suppliers connection to buyers who's project data is clearly defined and organized.  But capturing the building data and organizing it is just one part of the process.  Suppliers are also able to have those customer inquiries estimated, managed, and even sold all with Metal Building Connections.