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Charles Klughart, Klughart Mechanical & Construction Contractors

In my business I work hard to provide my customers the best value for their investment.  To do that I have to shop around with different vendors daily to see who has the products I need at the best price.  Most of the time I end up sitting on hold or being pushed off to a salesman that doesn't seem to know much about the products they carry.  By the time I get done I am usually frustrated and still do not really have the info I need.

But that wasn't at all my experience with Metal Building Connections.  I send in a request, they immediately followed up with me to confirm a few things.  They made me aware of some things that I had not considered and providing me a time to expect the quotes back.  The next afternoon (Friday) I received quotes back from 5 different building companies.  They followed up with me and answered a few more questions.  The next week I made my choice and they helped me get the building ordered.  They even found an erector and a local concrete guy that plan on using.

I highly recommend them.


Nicholas Gibbons

I have used them four times now.  The first two times was for a mini storage buildings at a property in Georgia that I expanded.  They helped me every step of the way.  They were even able to help me get my electrical and HVAC plans for the climate controlled building.  In fact on the first order my erector didn't show up to unload so I call my rep.  She made some and had a crew there within an hour or so to unload.  I plan on using them for all my projects.