Steel Vs. Wood

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The primary concern for most projects is the cost of the materials.  In recent years we have seen both wood and steel cost reach unprecedented levels.  This makes it even more difficult to evaluate which material is best to use for your building project.  Below are a few basic areas that will help you compare the two:

                                  STEEL        VS        WOOD

STRENGTH                    X                                      Individual steel members are lighter and stronger than a wood member of the same size

QUALITY                        X                                      The quality of steel is greater and more uniform and than wood due to wood imperfections from growth

USE                                X                            X         Both have benefits when is comes to the ease of use depending on the size and use of the project

AVAILABILITY               X                            X         Until recently one could argue that wood was more readily available however, today both are met with challenges

VERSATILITY                X                            X          Both materials are equally versatile in use and ability to adapt to a design

LONGEVITY                  X                                         Steel is more resistant to decay and fire

COST                             X                             X         The cost greatly depends on the size and use of the building.