212 Storage Addition Phase 1

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This is a mini storage project in Georgia.  This phase consisted of three mini storage buildings.  The first building was a typical exterior accessed 40X100 building with 10X10, 10X30, and 5X10 units.  The second building was a 40X100 building that has 10X10 and 10X15 interior accessed climate controlled units and 10X10 exterior accessed units.  The third building was an 'L" shaped building that has all 10X10 exterior accessed units.  This was the first addition phase planned by the owner for this property.  It was important to the customer that the new buildings match the style of the existing buildings.  The facility is now looking to proceed with the second addition phase.  This phase consists of two small 10' wide buildings that will be placed along an area of the property where the grade changes and slopes down to a lower area.  These buildings were built to frame out the transition in grade and also maximize the net rentable square footage of the property.  The future addition phases include covered parking and possible addition of Solar panels.  As you can see on the pictures below the facility had plenty of room for expansion.  This first addition phase covers most all of the area that was covered in gravel.